Here’s where I’ll be depositing manuals of pro audio gear. Currently, there’s only one, the MXP61 manual, but I understand this is the only place to get it. You’re free to copy these for your personal use, but please don’t duplicate or distribute the files… link back here instead. Thanks.




Valley Audio

We had a rack of Valley Audio processors at my old studio. They quickly became a “goto” processor for all sorts of jobs. Unfortunately, this along with the rest of the gear was scattered to the four winds when the studio closed, but I managed to make a copy of the owners manuals that I’ve kept all these years. I’m slowly attempting to buy some of this back, but so far have only been able to get a pair of KepexII gates… no rack yet to house them in. I’m looking for a pair of affordable Gain Brains… I remember them being especially nice compressors.


Valley Leveller




10 responses to “Manuals

  1. Thanks for posting these Sony manuals. I’ve been rocking one of these tanks for 12 years on set. It’s seen 100 degrees in African sun and -20 in the Canadian snow and keeps working. She’s showing her age though and these may come in handy!

    • bgilbertsound

      You’re quite welcome. These mixers are the real deal. Notice the direct out point on the schematics…. one of these days, I want to clip one of the link connectors and turn it into a direct out snake.

  2. Brian, I plan to jump into the direct-out conversion in the next couple months. The plan is to: use the direct-outs on the channel bus card, add a chassis-isolated ground bus, add a chassis-mounted earth bus, carve out both cascade 15-pin mounting holes, and mount (2) 25-pin d-subs with six channels each using the TDIF pin-out. I could then dump all 12 directs into two Tascam DA-98’s in my mobile rig or my Radar V or via MOTU 2408 into Logic. Seems elegant enough, though real estate is pretty precious in the Sony case. I’ll keep you posted.

  3. Hi Barry, thanks for takingthe trouble to post these manuals, what a great resource! I’ve been looking for a comander manual for quite some time but despite a number of attemps I have not been able to download it. Any ideas?



    • bgilbertsound

      Hi Tim:

      I’m not sure what the issue is with the Commander manual. I’ll work on it when I get home. I can email it to you at any rate.

      Brian Gilbert

  4. Hi Brian,

    Appologies for calling you Barry!

    I managed to get it to download at the 12th attempt… appears to be due to the total load on wordpress.

    I have some other valley and other manuals if you need anything

    Thanks again


  5. Hi, Im from Brazil, I’ve bought 1 of this Sony mixers, I going to make this connection of Direct Outputs by the cascade 15 pin connector.
    Could you take some pictures to help me do that? or just help me with some tips to do that? Thanks a lot!

  6. Hey Mako, I’m brazilian too and I have another Mxp 61. Where did you buy yours??

  7. Albert Harutyunyan

    thanks , for posting Sony MXP61 schematics here!

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