Here’s what happens when you DON’T hire sound…

I stumbled across this video this morning in my news feed. My guess is that CNN didn’t think this story was important enough to send out a full crew, but just a shooter. You can’t hear the reporter-why? You can see the lav mic on the talent, but there’s nothing on the reporter. The result is all the questions are buried in the background sounds.

This could’ve been because of a number of things, but a plausible explaination is their shooter’s camera kit only had a single lav and a camera mic, and they tried to get away with the camera mic on the reporter. The camera dept had their plate way too full with setting up two cameras (and since they were both locked down, the camera operator might have been the reporter.) Almost any decent soundperson would have prevented this from happening

This seems to be more and more the case, where production companies squeeze budgets tighter and tighter, and they think they can get away with not hiring a soundperson because “they’re too expensive.” Sometimes it works, but more often than not you get this kind of result. File this away under#hireasoundperson, #audiomatters, and #don’tcheapoutonyourcrew!

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