For Sale/Wanted

Here is a small amount of extra/surplus gear that I have for sale. Some is at Trew Audio, some is located here at my studio. If you see something that you can use, please contact me via email at BGilbertSound at gmail dot com. Thanks!

  1. Sennheiser 415T vintage short shotgun mic with Amphenol screw-in three pin connector. Includes an Amphenol to XLR adapter and case. $300
  2. Custom built large-diaphragm condenser microphone. Diaphragm, headshell, body and transformer from sourced from a mic supplier, but all electronics replaced with components from Mouser. Upgraded to Nichicon electrolytics , polystyrene film caps, and precision metal resistors. transformer-balanced output, includes custom hardwood case- $300
  3. DBX 903 compressor, early version with gold-covered VCA module. Rebuilt with new electrolytic capacitors. $150
  4. Lectrosonics RM1 wireless headphone monitor, block 21, with NEW LMA transmitter.
  5. Eela S191 mixer, no power supply. I have the schematics for the power supply, just no time to build it. $300.
  6. Auditronics 1516L power supply. A monster of a power supply, but needs some work, probably capacitors and voltage regulators. Weighs over 70lbs, mostly in the giant torrodial transformer. Shipping would be expensive… power a mixer or your own electric chair. $OFFERS
  7. Edirol R4Pro (SOLD)4 channel timecode hard disk recorder, on consignment at Trew Audio. Includes portabrace and power supply, over $2500 original cost. $1400
  8. Zoom R16 (SOLD) 8-channel recorder/interface, with power supply, manual, and aluminum case. $250.(scroll to the bottom of the page)

WANTED: Here is some of the stuff I’m looking for. If you have something that you’d like to sell, email me with your price.

  1. Non-working DBX 90o series modules- 903 compressors, Aphex 9651 Expressor cards, Valley Audio Gain Brain, Kepex, etc. Must be priced accordingly, as these units are often unrepairable due to obsolete parts, i.e., DBX 2150, etc.
  2. Non-working, vintage, or unusual microphones. Condensers are preferred. Non-working is OK, but must be priced accordingly… i.e., low, since some can’t be repaired or restored practically.
  3. Eela power supply- preferably for a S191 mixer. Non-working is OK, but again, it must be priced accordingly.

4 responses to “For Sale/Wanted

  1. Charles St. Paul

    Hi Brian
    I have quite a bit of gear from the 1970-1980
    I have some JBL 4312 studio monitors I used for playback in the live room
    Also a Valley people gain brain kepex everything some Senn. 421 a few nice Lexicon pieces let me know what you need
    Also if you know a studio that can use a 7 foot Steinway Grand I have one

    • bgilbertsound

      Hi Charles. Thanks… sounds really interesting, but we’ve just done the family budget for the year, and factoring in the cost of my son’s college means that gear expenditures have been cut to the absolute bone… I need to focus on selling rebuilt and repaired gear, rather than acquiring new stuff (though the Valley stuff sounds great, they make excellent gear… I’ll have a pair of Gain Brains again one day, or maybe even a rack!) Best, BG

  2. Hi there,

    Is your Eela s191 still available?

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