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  1. Hey Brian,

    I just stumbled upon your Lockit Buddy article … thanks for putting that up !

    I just wanted to point out that the units are not made by Ambient but by my own company Freelance Audiovisual Services in the UK. So you may want to remove the reference to Ambient as they have their own timecode products and will probably not like to be linked to a product that is not their own.

    Other than that you’ll be pleased to learn that there is now a new version of the lockit buddy that’s gonna be launched any day now that will have a 5pin mini xlr with the options of attaching mic, powered mic and line level sources to the unit. a full size XLR has never been a viable option on account of the limited space inside the box for the electronics and it still has to fit on top of a camera… a minijack connector has not been used for the simple reason it’s a non locking connector that is prone to being pulled out and the whole reason for the box is to make things ‘production proof’

    Anyway, thank you for the article !

    Kind regards,

    Johan Maertens
    Freelance Audiovisual Services

    • Hi Johan:
      Thanks for your note… sorry about the misinfo, I guess I wasn’t thinking straight. I know that you didn’t ask, but some way to couple the two boxes securely together would be very helpful on the set… I remember both myself and the camera operator doing a lot of swearing because we had two boxes dangling from a cable on several occasions. The locking 5-pin connector will also help, but don’t kill us on cable prices, as we’re always losing them. (I make my own whenever I can to save a few bucks… maybe make connectors available for guys like me?) I’m also looking very heavily into a timecode buddy. They’re pricey for my market (I have a number of cheap clients) but if there were a way to interface those with your unit, it might also help. Having a wifi timecode display available on an iphone would be huge for DSLR shoots, and if we could get that signal onto the DSLRs audio track, it’d be “huge-er!”

      I’ll correct the article and add a your company link. Best, BG

  2. Hello,
    As a big user of dbx/Aphex 900 modules in my studio (two full 11-module Aphex 9000 racks, and one empty) I stumbled upon your page in a google search. I’m trying (unsuccessfully) to find a schematic or manual for the Aphex 9721 Dominator II module. I would like to link modules for stereo pairs. forum offers no answers, and others are looking for this info too. The modules have a small brown 5 pin connector which I have traced back to the “link” LED on the front panel, so I tried jumpering two modules together pin-to-pin with no luck. I’m suspecting this is indeed the “link” jumper but probably two wires get flipped between modules for CV in and out. That is where I come up short – not willing to experiment further for fear of damaging these increasingly rare modules, which I love. Any chance you would have a clue about linking 9721s, or have the manual? You can reach me at 716 725-2199 or .
    Thanks in advance,
    Shaun M. Mullins
    Propellerhead Media

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