• Delta Mother’s Day and Father’s Day web spots for Seftel/Smartypants Pictures
  • Hamilton Medical commercials for Atomic Films, Dave Lang, Director, Zandi Ritchey, Producer
  • Half Popped web commercial for Fancy Rhino, Katie Nelson, Producer, Dan Jacobs, Director
  • Cyndi Lauper interview for CMT/New Country Services, Justine Tauger, Production Manager
  • ESPN Baseball Winter Meetings for Evolve Media
  • American Masters- The Highwaymen: Friends Til The End, John Carter Cash, Reggie Young  and Marty Stuart interview segments. For Jim Brown Productions, David Mellow, DP
  • American Masters- Loretta Lynn: Still A Country Girl for Jim Brown Productions, David Mellow, DP
  • Dr Phil- Jared Fogle segmentTrisha Yearwood for Country Music Television, Justine Tauger, Production Manager
  • Pool Kings pilot- Reveal, for Pink Sneakers Productions, Tiffany Sheehan, Production Coordinator
  • FTB Bank Commercial “Everything You Need,” for Atomic Films, Dave Lang, Director
  • Animal Planet Unlikely Animal Friends- “Pumpkin and Batman”, for Indigo Films, Jorg Fockele, Producer/Director
  • “Broken Mast” (IMDB listing) short film for Mama Bear Studios, Isaiah Smallman, Director
  • Al Jazeera America EPB Internet story, for Maslow Media,Kristyn Martin, Producer, Bryan Fowler DP
  • What On Earth for the Science Channel/ WAG TV, Kelley Hood, Production Coordinator, Rory Kaufhold, Location AP
  • I’m Not Ashamed (feature film- substitute sound mixer) for Visible Pictures, Melissa Michalak, Production Coordinator
  • Kate +8 Destin Vacation Special for Trailblazer Studios, Shannon James, Producer, Scott Enlow, Director
  • Save the Bros commercial for Fancy Rhino/Humanaut, Katie Nelson, Producer, Dan Jacobs, Director
  • Bonnaroo Webisodes for Red Bull Media, Steve Sislin, Prod Coordinator
  • Malibu Boats commercial, Charles White, Producer
  • Delta Welcome video for Seftel/Smartypants Pictures, Josh Seftel, Director, Anna Bick, Producer, Ben Bloodwell, DP
  • Inside Edition Bowling Green interviews, Chris Conder, DP
  • “Fat Hair” commercial for Radiant3, Jacob Marmer, Producer
  • Jason Pickens Pilot for Cineflix, Taylor Birt, Production Manager
  • Tiny House Hunting for Loud TV, Kat Papahartofili, Production Manager
  • Living With The Enemy for BBC Worldwide Reality Pictures, Claudine Said, coordinator
  • US Army Promo with Tony Schumacher at Redstone Arsenal, for Welcome Media, Rob Gold, Producer
  • The Chew “Enchanted Garden of Lights”Wallace Braud, DP
  • Rolling Stone Features: The Black Keys for Maggie Vision Productions, Rebecca Glitz, Producer
  • Bringing Up Bates for Figure 8 Films, Maggie West Kay, Producer
  • Country’s Family Reunion 9 “Tribute to Ray Price” and “Honkey Tonk” for Gabriel Communications
  • Kid Pickers for Bullet Point Films, Chris Bagnall, Director, Sam Linder, Producer
  • Mysteries at the Museum #705 & 706, for Optomen Productions, Liz West, Production Coordinator
  • Dailey & Vincent Live On The Road, for Patrick Tohill Productions
  • 18 Kids and Counting “Jessa Proposal,” for Figure8 Films, Scott Enlow, Producer, Bart Volpintesta, DP, Chris Conder, Camera
  • MLB RBI Chattanooga Tournament, Jason Jhung, Producer, David Matz, DP
  • Monsters Inside Me #501 “My Daughter ‘s Going Crazy” for Optomen Productions, Liz West, Production Manager
  • Travel Channel World Access Synchronous Fireflies with Kari Byron, Patrick Clark Productions, Karl Norburg, Producer, Pat Clark, DP
  • NFL Films, “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie,”( Ryan Kelley, Director, Al Francesco, Camera
  • HillKillers sizzle reel for BatBridge Entertainment/Discover Channel, Marla Quintana, Head of Production
  • Smartwool commercial, Kirk Anderson, Producer,
  • NBC Nightly News, Huntsville shoot w Peter Alexander, Producer Doug Adams, DP Poger Herr
  • HGTV SmartHome for Bonesteel Films, Robin Turner Production Manager
  • Bloodlines #105, Bowling Green interviews for Crazy Legs Productions, Allison Troxel Line Producer
  • Deadly Places for Crazy Legs Productions/Investigation Discovery. Carly Evans, Production Manager, David Blackburn, DP
  • Jerrod Nieman record release/tour campaign promotion for Ghostwater Films, Darrin Dickerson, DP
  • Face To Face TV commercial for FSB Bank. Produced by Atomic Films Dave Lang, Producer, Brooke Fontana, Production Mgr.
  • LIMU3 video, produced by Steve Riederer
  • Sizzle reel/Pilot for Nikki’s World. Produced by New Wave Entertainment, Edwin Zane and David Markus, producers, Tyler Weinberger, DP
  • Sizzle reel/Pilot for Kix Brooks reality series, produced by Giant Pirates and Team Two Entertainment. Drew Reusch, production manager, Joey Herro, DP
  • Ad Campaign for The Hartford Insurance Group at Engineered Materials Systems/Coolfire Media, Joe Cygnan, Producer, Christian Evans, DP
  • The Natural Effect” Organic Voices ad campaign for Humanaut/ Fancy Rhino Productions, Dan Jacobs, Director, Katie Nelson, Production Manager.
  • Army Bowl Press Release for Coolfire Media, John Aichholz, Producer, Bryan Fowler, DP
  • Katie Couric/ CMA Awards Red Carpet Presentation for ABC. Amy Didomenico, field producer, Chris Conder, DP
  • Bring It!- Chattanooga segment  for Lifetime/Pilgrim Studios, Fallon Jethroe, Production Coordinator, Dax Rhorer, DP
  • 19 Kids & Counting, Season 8 Premiere episode, for Figure 8 Films. Scott Enlow, Director, Bart Volpintesta, DP, John Rotan, Photographer.
  • Snapped, Verena Childs case for Jupiter Entertainment/Oxygen. Kate Harrington, field producer, Shane Day, DP.
  • Celebrity Motorhomes, “Hanson” for Channel 8 Entertainment. Steve Zahren, Producer
  • Amazing Water Homes “Hidden Lake House,” AWH2 for AMS Pictures/HGTV. Steve Hall, Producer, Kyle Spradley, DP1, Josh Pickering, DP2
  • You Live In What? for AMS Pictures/HGTV, 2 episodes, “Jehova’s Witness Kingdom Hall” YLIW_02_85  and “Bagby Critter Corral” YLIW_01_118. Steve Riederer, Producer, Scott Anderson, DP
  • Atomic Films, NE Georgia Medical Center ad campaign, Dave Lang, producer.
  • “A Football Life” for NFL Films with Brad Johnson. Steve Lucatuorto, director, Dave Barrett, DP
  • ZDF German Television, “Volkswagen Apprentice Graduation.” Naftali Larish, DP
  • Lumber Liquidators “Ghost Hunters” commercial campaign. Bonesteel Films, Matt Gellert, producer, Bryan Fowler, DP.
  • The Daily Show, “TN Water Dispute” with Al Madrigal- for Comedy Central, Ian Berger, producer, Jim Wells, DP, Brett Johnson, photographer
  • With The Band (pilot), Drive By Truckers-  For Smokestack Media, Steve Culpepper, Adam Johnson, producer,  Scott Lootens, DP
  • Celebrity Motorhomes #61113, John Rich’s  Trailer-  For Channel 8 Entertainment, Steve Zahren, Producer,  Matt Parkinson, camera
  • CMA Awards-Pepsi Speed Sketch Challenge with Blake Shelton. For Suite Spot, Adam Drescher,  Eli Heitin,  Jill Becker, Producers, Terry LeCroix, DP
  • Smalltown Security Location sound/boom op, season 2 finale. For Left/Right Productions, Michael LaHaie, producer,  Anna Hayes, production mgr. Jeremy Gould, camera.                                                           
  • Untitled  Bill Cosby Documentary- For 5 Floors LLC, Kristel Wedin, producer, Jamie Phillips, director, Guy Livneh, DP
  • Volkswagen Documentary- United Visions/Sony Pictures Classics and Take2Films, George Barnes, DP
  •  Grills Gone Wilder-  Father’s day special for Travel Channel/Optomen productons, Ilsa Goglick, producer
  • HGTVs Smart Home- For Scripps Networks, Jessyca  Willams, producer, Justin Marx, DP
  • Epic Spills- Craig and Anne Leonard segment-  For Travel Channel/Indigo Films. Stacy Waters, Producer, Luke Sauer, DP
  • My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding- For Firecracker Films UK,, Dom Hill DP, Deborah Laskey, Production Manager
  • Murray State Basketball for Liberty Mutual- Seftel Productions UK, Erica Frankel, producer
  • Erlanger Hospital- 5 spot commercial ad campaign for Atomic Films and The Johnson Group. Dave Lang, Director,  Katie Nelson, Production Coordinator.
  • Dr. Phil show for CBS- Location interviews for into package, Knoxville, TN. Dave Porfiri, DP
  • Vanderbilt Hospital- National ad campaign- Nashville, TN, Springfield, IL, Franklin, TN. For Authentic Films, Kate O’Neil, EP,  Kevin Kerwin, Director, Craig Cockerill, DP, Dominik Mainl, AC, Red Epic camera
  • Sister Act- promo- Touring Broadway production for HMS Media, John Ford, Producer
  • ESPN- Tailgating (Internal)-  Non-broadcast production for ESPN’s Sales and Research department. True Stories, Jordan             Olshansky, Producer, Keith Wilson, DP, Peter Patterson, AP
  • NFL Films- Hey Rookie- Jose Combs, Dave Barrett, DP
  • The Jeff Probst Show- Story 225 Lost And Found- Interview segments at Unclaimed Baggage. Big Ticket Pictures, Ronnie Hysten, Field Producer, Lloyd Goldschmidt, DP
  • NFL Films- Atlanta Falcons Training Camp, Scott Carter, Producer, Carl Heinemann, DP
  • ABC’s The Chew, interview segment at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. Dominic Gillette, producer, Todd Schoenberger, DP
  • First Family of Fireworks pilot for Exit96Productions and Fremantle Media, Clif Dunn, Producer, Eric Mills, DP
  • TLC’s “United Bates Of America” (working title) for Figure 8 Films/POV Productions- season one. Matt Hightower, producer, Will Rodriguez, AP, David Trenkle, DP, John Rotan, camera
  • ESPN ESPYS documentary, Pat Summit for Lookalike Pictures
  • Tennessee primary coverage, Rick Santorum for CBS News, Chris Conder, camera
  • Tornado damage live shots for CBS News
  • Wal-Mart comparison shopper commercials for VIMBY LLC, Claire Young, Producer
  • South Carolina Primary coverage, Rick Santorum for CBS News, Mark Kennedy, camera
  • Satellite interviews with Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich for Fox News Fox And Friends/The Hannity Show
  • Choice Point (film release) for Halo Films UK, Peter Georgi, Director, Sam Windsor-Phillips, Producer,
  • FBI Criminal Pursuit #305, Nashville Rape Case for M2 Pictures. Tracy Johnson, field producer, Jacin Buchanan, DP
  • Red Bull Sound And Vision, Jeff The Brotherhood episode for The Record Collection.
  • Great American Manhunt Season One for Wide-Eyed Entertainment, with Bill Efurth, Dan Shapiro, and Natalie Shirley. Eight episodes, location sound mixer, studio and field production. Directors Wayne Derrick, David Lee, Nick O’Meally, David Holroyd. Asst Producers Alex Hemmingway, Tristan Goodley, Olivia King, Sara Moralioglu. Series Producer Paul O’Connor, Production Manager Elizabeth Small. Boom Op Will Taylor.
  • My First Place for HGTV/High Noon Productions.  Laura Douglas, producer,  and  Chris Conder, DP.
  • Disaster Guy for A&E/Leopard Films (NYC), Nick Meagher, Field Director, Aigner Smith, Unit Production Manager
  • Pilot for Janie Bryant/Roadside Entertainment (NYC), Ron Yassen, Director, Thom Stukas, DP, Anna Lee-Poli, Producer/AD, Jeff Gordan, Gaffer. Shot in Nashville, TN
  • Infested for Darlow Smithson UK/Animal Planet. Interviews in Parrotsville, TN. Kelda Delke, Producer, Roger Herr, DP
  • Frontline “High School Football” Interview segment at in Nashville with Dallas Jackson for Ark Media/WGBH, Boston
  • Culinary Fight Night for Studioplex/MJ Frank, Atlanta, GA
  • Jordan Thomassegment, Anderson Cooper’s American Heroes– CNN/Loki FilmsRachel Grady, producer, Julia Dengel, DP
  • Xtreme Fight Assn. – Jay Kriss/ HDNet
  • Big, Bigger, BiggestSpace Station“- Windfall Films/National Geographic Channel/BBC5-Lucy Haken, producer, Mark Molesworth, DP
  • 16 And Pregnant- MTV(Associate Producer)
  • Christianity- A History, Episode Seven, God And The Scientists with Colin Blakemore– Pioneer Productions/Voyager House for BBC4. Scopes trial segment in Dayton, TN. With Colin Blakemore. Dimitri Collinridge, producer/director, Paul Lang DP, Harriet Matthews, Assistant Producer/research, Kirsten Dryburgh, production manager.
  • History DetectivesManhattan Project Patent“- Lion Television/PBS (press) with Wes CowanLindsay Carswell, field producer/director, Laura Marini, story producer, Matt Howe, DP
  • If Walls Could Talk– High Noon Entertainment/HGTV. Spike and Ann Barnes segment with Selma Paul, appraiser. Lori Allred, producer,  Dan Dvorak, DP
  • WreckedSpeedTV/NorthSouth Productions
  • Wild Dunes Tennis Championships/Family Circle Cupfor ESPN. US clay court held at Wild Dunes, Richard Fordham, production manager, Tim Coghill, director.
  • Good Morning America– Audio, satellite uplinks for ABC
  • The Farmer’s Daughter- Monsters (1989)- Laurel Effects
  • Archetypes- The Archetypes-audio engineer (tracking, mix engineer, graphic design) Archetypes website link here
  • Missing Linc- Life’s A Mystery-audio engineer (Tracking, Mix Engineer, Graphic Design) band website is here
  • Bedrock- Parker’s Ferry-audio engineer (Tracking, Mix Engineer, Graphic Design) band website here
  • John Brannen– Shadowline(single)- mix engineer (John’s website is here)
  • Blue Dogs- Music for Dog People (Tracking and Mix Engineer)CD available here, band website is here
  • Sam Dennis Singers-audio engineer(Tracking, Mix Engineer, Graphic Design)
  • Lionel Williams and Praise-More Like Jesus-audio engineer/co-producer (Tracking, Mix Engineer, Graphic Design)
  • Slayter- Street Machine-audio engineer/co-producer (Tracking, Mix Engineer, Graphic Design)
  • Eddie Bush– Dreaming For The Swan- recording engineer/mix engineer, graphic design (Eddie’s website is here)

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  1. Hey — pretty nifty for one night’s work. THANKS for sharing. Do you do much sound work with dogs??? ;-o

    — wb

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