Bargain Gear- The Sony MXP-61VU Mixer

I’ve added a new mixer to my equipment list, a Sony MX-P61VU. It’s currently on the bench, undergoing functional tests, but it seems to need very little before it’s ready to be placed in service.MXP61-7LR This little mixer is one of Sony’s best field mixers ever made… 12 channels, modular construction, with an unusually sophisticated EQ for mixers of this size. It sold for over $12,000 when new.

Downsides to this mixer are:

  • weight- it’s heavy
  • size… if you don’t need 12 channels, then it might be a bit much for your cart.
  • Complex circuitry, typical Sony design.

But there are plenty of upsides:

  • Modular construction for ease of diagnostics, service, and repair
  • It’s built like a tank
  • EQs and preamps are nice and clean (though with any vintage mixer, upgrading opamps and replacing electrolytic capacitors are a good idea)
  • Can operate from an external battery supply
  • It’s possible to modify the chassis for direct outputs

I’m currently using this mixer in my small mobile setup for general use, vinyl transfers, dubbing, etc. My plans are to eventually enable the direct outputs… there is a provision for this on the circuit board that wasn’t implemented. It would be a (theoretically) simple matter to disconnect one of the cascade connectors, since I’m not likely to ever use two of these on a job, and instead route the direct outs to the disabled connector. Of course, I’ll probably try to upgrade the opamps as well. Sony used a SIP connector that would require a custom adapter, but it’s certainly doable… all it requires is time!

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