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With The Alabama Shakes- CBS Sunday

I recently completed a shoot for CBS Sunday Morning in and around Athens and Decatur, Alabama. This is where Brittany Howard and Zac Cockrell grew up, and formed The Alabama Shakes in 2009. They have a new album coming out in a few weeks, and CBS Sunday Morning did a segment on them that will air April 19th.

Bar scene interview

Bar scene interview

Chris Conder and I shot at a couple of locations- first at the bar where they did their first show, and where their single “Hold On” was first performed. Then over to Brittney’s Dad’s place, where spent a lot of time playing in the creek, and where her dog and pet pig roamed the nearby farms. Third location was bassist Zac Cockrell’s house for another quick interview. A few scenics at their school nearby, then it was time to transfer files and wrap for the day… a pretty good shoot overall.

At Brittnay's Dad's place

At Brittnay’s Dad’s place

Their new album, “Sound And Color” goes on sale April 21, 2015.

DP Chris Conder, Point Of View Productions, Sony F800

DP Chris Conder, Point Of View Productions shooting on his Sony F800

“The Natural Effect” gets over one million hits

I did a project awhile back for Fancy Rhino productions here in Chattanooga, TN.  It’s a four-minute piece called “The Natural Effect.” The ad agency/copy was Humanaut, and it turned out to be quite funny. I learned today that the piece has gotten over a million hits on YouTube, which I suppose qualifies as a “hit.” The agency folks were pleased. About the only downside is the amount of material that didn’t make it into the final piece… there were a lot of bits that were really funny that didn’t make it in. There are about six spots of varying length on youtube… enjoy!