Music Engineering Reel: Spinster

Here are a few videos I worked on last fall for a band called Spinster. Three sisters, all classically trained, living in Chattanooga, Portland OR, and Costa Rica until recently. They’ve all relocated to Chattanooga to concentrate on the band for a year. I’m hoping that we can get some more songs recorded in the coming months.

We used several microphones that I built on this recording, and we used the Watts Polyribbon on vocals and upright bass. I was quite pleased with the way it turned out, though I could’ve gotten a little bit crazier if we’d done some overdubs and added a few more tracks. This performance was recorded with six tracks, straight to “tape” (straight to CF card, actually) using my Sound Devices 664 recorder. Minimal post processing,  it was mixed using Harrison Mixbus with Universal Audio’s EMT140 plate reverb and LA4a compressor plug-ins, though most of the reverb is coming from open mics in the burned-out house where we recorded. Noise reduction was provided by Izotope RX5 Pro processing suite.


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