Jim Hurst at Chattanooga’s Barking Legs Theater

I’ve just learned that I’ve gotten the go-ahead to record guitarist Jim Hurst at Chattanooga’s Barking Legs Theater on Friday night. Jim is a spectacular player… I heard him several years ago, when he was playing here with the Claire Lynch band. His playing style is uncommon. His technical skill is off the charts, but he also brings a highly refined rhythmic sense and depth of feeling to his playing. Far too often I hear players that seem to be all technique… or conversely, plenty of rhythm with poor technique.

Jim plays with a sense of balance that has to be heard to be believed. If it works out, perhaps we’ll have some samples available on his website soon. In the meantime, have a look at some of his other performances at  www.jimhurst.com. Or if you’re near Chattanooga, join us at Barking Legs theater tomorrow night and listen for yourself.

We haven’t worked out all the tech details yet, but hopefully I’ll be able to break out some of my custom condenser mics and my Neumann KM184. I’ll record on my Sound Devices 664, which is an excellent capture device. With six channels available, it’s great for for small ensembles, bluegrass, jazz… pretty much anything without a full drum kit. I’m especially excited since I so rarely get to do music projects anymore… this one will be great fun.

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