The Daily Show

Here’s a look at a recent Times Free Press story about a shoot that I was on for the Daily Show, which was in Chattanooga recently to do a segment on the GA border dispute/water takeover. Comedian Al Madrigal and Producer Ian Berger were both very funny… a common question was, “Do you see yourselves as the Palestinians or the Israelis in this conflict,” and, “So when did the rockets start landing?” When told that Georgia hasn’t launched any rockets toward Tennessee, he said, “Really? “Cause it looks like a bomb went off around here… this place looks like shit… I think it might have been a meth bomb…”

I also got to meet Nashville sound mixer Steve LePard, which was a rare thing… he was on one camera and I on the other. Having a sound person on each camera was a luxury that few productions can afford. It was a little bit of overkill on a few occasions, but good insurance on others.DailyShowTimesFreePress

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