United Bates of America Airs Aug 13th

The latest reality show that I’ve been working on is scheduled to air at 9pm on Monday Aug 13th. I’ve done the location sound work for much of season one, along with Raleigh sound mixer Neal Gettinger and Nashville mixer Steve Grider. The Bates family lives just north of Knoxville, TN, and is  little larger than most… 19 children, age 23 to 4 months. My favorite one is, of course, whoever I’m talking to at the time… a running joke, especially with the little ones, is to say, “you know you’re my favorite… but don’t tell anybody!” It always brings a smile.

On a break with some of the Bates kids.

Some of the crew when we flew out to Texas… That’s John Rotan, camera, who also shoots for the Duggers, Steve Grider, Nashville soundmixer, Will Rodriguez, Producer, and Zach Bates.

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