Creation Audio Labs

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you know that I’ve been setting up a small studio. The heart of the studio will be my analog mixer, my 1981 Soundcraft 800, which I found in Atlanta for $500. The heart of this mixer is the master module, and the master module didn’t work. There were a number of baffling problems with it… no tone osc, no headphone signal, left side meter read off the scale while the right side read nothing… so I was a little afraid to try to tackle these repairs myself. And a cursory inspection showed no obvious problems that I could see… no burn marks, bulging caps, or exploded bits. I needed professional help.

I had no idea that Creation Audio Labs existed until I read a recent article in Pro Audio Review, where someone had their Soundcraft Ghost extensively rebuilt and upgraded by these folks. That they are only 100 miles away in Nashville, Tennessee, was a bonus. I exchanged some emails with Alex Welti and found out that yes, they could help me. He gave me a rough estimate and I sent the module off to have the work done.

It took them awhile to get to it, but I just got the word yesterday that my module was repaired and on the way back. Reading over the work order reveals that this was the smartest move I’ve made in some time. Apparently, someone else had tried to fix the module and thoroughly f^$&ed it up. They had to repair many broken traces on the PC boards (there are two main boards stacked on top of one another, and another small board for the meter… another reason I didn’t want to tackle it) and found a number of bad transistors, replaced and socketed several ICs… three and a half hours of bench work. While this is a lot of time, it’s also amazing that they were able to get it all done in just three and a half hours. It would have taken me three and a half days, and I’m sure they found problems I’d have missed.

I’m really grateful that these guys are in business, I’d have been in big trouble otherwise. The work was fairly priced… I feel I got a REALLY good deal, since without them I’d have nowhere to turn. I recommend them highly.

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