Great American Manhunt Airdates

After months of wondering , I’ve finally discovered when my show is going to air.

OK, it isn’t really “my show,” but I was their main location sound mixer for the entire first season. That’s a big deal for me, since most of my work involves someone coming into town, working for a day or two, and flying out, never to be seen again. I do have a handful of clients who come back repeatedly, and that’s always nice. But this block of work for Wide-Eyed Productions in London was different, since they shot over an eight-week period last summer. A studio was built here in Chattanooga in a medical office park off Amnicola Highway… ten minutes away from my house. It’s the closest thing to a “regular job” that I’ve seen in years.

My “office” on the set of Great American Manhunt, appx June of 2011

My hopes are high for the show… if it does well, they could come back for a second season. The talent did complain about the difficulty of getting flights out of Chattanooga, though, and their hotel bill was astronomical.

Here are the airdates:

SPRING 2012, National Geographic Channel
Series Title: The Great American Manhunt
Episodes: California Hot Shot – April 19
Miracle Man – April 26
Captain Courage – May 3
Enigma Man – May 10
Adrenaline Junkie – May 17
The Daredevil – May 31
Big Dog – June 7
Superwoman – June 14

Be sure to check it out… and if you like it, don’t keep it a secret! Interview with the series producer here, and IMDB info is here. Local news article is here.

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