A Mixer Table and Gear Racks

Here’s a look at my mixer table that I just completed. Since the Soundcraft 800 didn’t come with any kind of stand, I had to build something. This table is built entirely from two sheets of 3/4″ birch plywood and cost about a hundred bucks. It had a pair of slope-front gear racks and a removable “bridge” for the speakers and computer monitors. Thanks to the panel saw at Home Depot, I was able to put this together fairly quickly… less than two days.Image

I still need to order rails to mount the gear. And of course, I need to get the master section of the mixer rebuilt by Creation Audio Labs in Nashville before I’ll be functional. But it’s been a good bit of progress… hopefully we’ll be mixing in a matter of weeks.Image

While you can buy much nicer studio furniture from some of the suppliers listed in Mix Magazine, I firmly believe that it’s imperative to keep overhead costs as low as possible in almost any recording studio, especially considering the current state of the industry. This is what killed us at On Line Audio (my old studio in Charleston). Some months, business would be good, others not so good and income would be down… but the bills kept coming in like clockwork, and Robert (the owner) couldn’t afford to keep covering the losses.

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