Recent Shoots

I’ve done several shoots for clients recently… a political spot for Zach Wamp andAtomic Films (he lost), a medical piece for Canon Medical Imaging with DP Ted Meirs and Director Dwight Adair, and a short film for local producer/director Chris Clark.

Shooting for Canon Medical Imaging with director Dwight Adair, DP Ted Miers, and grip Wallace Braud

These three jobs couldn’t have been more different. The political spot was shot with the Red camera, the Canon production was shot with a Sony HDV camera, and Chris’ film was shot on a DSLR. The sound was different as well. The first two were single-person on camera, no two shots or complex dialog arrangements. These were shot with shotgun mics only and sent directly to the camera– no mixing necessary.

The film shoot required “double system” audio, recorded using an Edirol R4Pro(see my previous post on DSLR Audio).

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