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I’ve just finished adding a “manuals” page above to house some of the old gear manuals that I have. Right now, there’s only the Sony MXP61 there. I didn’t see this info anywhere else, so I’ve just finished scanning it and that’s where it’ll live. The MXP61VU is a great little desk, with individual channel strips. The schematics show a provision for direct outputs at one of the circuit board connectors, but this feature was

The back of the MXP61VU. The pair of D15 connectors in the center are the Cascade in and out... a good spot for a custom direct-out mult cable.

never implemented. There is, however, a pair of cascade input and cascade output connectors that are likely to never be both needed, so one of these could be converted into a direct output mult without major surgery.

Any vintage mixer could likely use some new capacitors, and could also benefit from updated operational amplifiers, and this one is no exception. But this model features typical Sony construction… it’s built like a tank.

9 responses to “New Manuals page added

  1. Hi Brian,
    just to tell you I bought one of this little Sony desk and I enabled Direct Out as you said, thru one of the DSub connector, works like a charm!
    Thanks for your advice!

  2. My friend ( a retired radio/TV tech) gave me one of these sony mixers. It does not work when I plug it in, no lights etc. I am not a technician and do not know what I should do with this equipment. Does it have any value as an antique or anything?

    • bgilbertsound

      It has little value unless it’s fixed, and even then it’s a fraction of what it cost when new. Unfortunately, fixing it would have to be a labor of love, as there are not many people who can work on these… it depends where you are. Your best bet is to donate it to someone who has the desire to either fix it themself, or values the gear enough to pay someone to do the repair. Since it’s relatively small, it can be shipped… you could send it to someplace like Creation Audio Labs in Nashville, they have the technicians there who could work on it. Or you could try to find it a home through some of the analog or retro recording forums like Gearslutz. Or you could send it to me, but I’m not a highly-skilled technician. Just don’t toss it in the trash… please…

  3. ok thank you for the advice, I will find a home for it.

  4. Lawrence Fernandes

    Hello Brian,
    I have the opportunity to purchase one of the following mixers: Sony MXP-2000 or Sony mx-p61. I wonder which one would be best for recording, using my DAW for this, although I know they are both famous for broadcast purposes. Furthermore, I’m thinking in the possibility of using a controller interface (like Mackie Ultramix or Behringer Cybermix) to automate the mixer. What do you think, does it worth? The are just one more doubt: how may I connect one of these mixers (for example the mx-p61) to an A/D interface? If you don’t understand something, please excuse me, I’m from Brazil! I’d appreciate any recommendations or suggestions!
    Thanks a lot,

    • bgilbertsound

      Hi Lawrence: With these mixers, condition is everything! Wile both will work great, the 2000 would be preferred… but only if they are in equal condition. If the 61 is in significantly better shape, then that’s the one you want. These mixers have very complex circuit boards, and fixes are not easy at all. On the other hand, they were very much built to last, so it’s quite likely you won’t have a problem from either one. The MXP2000 has a little bit better EQs and more control.

      Connecting to your A/D depends on your A/D. If you only have two channels of ins and outs, then a mixer isn’t going to do you much good. 8 channels is better. I bought 2 12 channel interfaces so I could have 24 playback channels, so I actually mix on my mixer. I still do automation in the computer. But I have 2 outboard reverbs that I use instead of plug-ins, and that frees up a lot of processing power.

      Hope this helps


  5. Lawrence Fernandes

    Hi Brian,
    Thank you soo much for the help!The two mixers are in similar condition and same price ($680), but the 61 would be easier to buy due to mail delivery (to buy the 2000 I would have to travel by car to fetch it). I don’t have an A/D, so I’ll appreciate any recommendations ( I was thinking about a M-Audio Delta 1010)! So, I’ll need two A / D channels to use all of the table? Moreover, I’ll have to buy cables to conect the mixer with the A/D: the db25 found in the 2000 isn’t hard to find/work with? Just one more thing: do you prefer I contact you by your mail? LOL
    Thank you soo much for your attention and advices!

  6. Lawrence Fernandes

    Just correcting:
    So, I’ll need two A / D to use all the channels of the mixer?

    • bgilbertsound

      You’ll need two M-Audio 1010s… they are 8 channels each… IF they can be connected together, some interfaces are a pain to get multiples working together. Some will only work alone, I’d research carefully.

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