Teaching at Flying Monkey Arts Center

I’ll be teaching a production seminar this weekend called “Field Audio for the Underfunded Filmaker” at the Flying Monkey Arts Center in Huntsville, Alabama, Sunday (Feb 7th) from 2-4:30.

Professional grade audio hardware can get very expensive, and few self-funded filmakers can solve their audio problems by throwing money at them. But with some planning, difficulties inherent in low-cost equipment can be managed. The thrust of our discussion will be audio basics and how to capture decent sound with whatever gear you have… we’ll talk about microphones, simple wireless setups, common audio problems, post-production workflows, and planning your shoot for audio. Participants are encouraged to bring their audio gear, and if time allows, we’ll do some hypothetical setups and tests.

The class is free and open to the public, and will meet in Don’s Studio. The Flying Monkey Arts Center is located at Lowe Mill, 2211 Seminole Drive in Huntsville, AL. For more info, call Don at 457-5371. Their website is at www.flyingmonkeyarts.org/

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