On the Red Carpet at the New Moon Premiere

I was recently asked to work a special movie opening by Paul Gussack at DVCommunications. These are usually live sound events with large, heavy load-ins and load-outs, lots of gear, and very late hours. But this event was a little different. Paul’s production involved a three-camera shoot for the Regal Cinemas corporation of a benefit movie opening in Knoxville, and he needed me to be a boom operator. Turns out I was on the Red Carpet for the premiere of New Moon, the second movie in the Twilight saga and top infatuation for just about every pre-pubescent female in the western hemisphere. There were a few post-pubescent women there as well. And every one of them was screaming.

On the red carpet in Knoxville, TN. Image by Justin Fee, http://www.photographfee.com

So it was kinda fun to be on the red carpet. Besides myself, a photographer… Justin Fee of www.photographfee.com… were the only ones allowed there. Everybody else had to stay behind a barrier. We had a lot of downtime, so Justin snapped a picture of me and sent it to me. Now I can prove I was there. Now all my nieces are absolutely green with envy… thanks Justin!

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