March Of Dimes PSA for Atomic/Johnson Group

I recently completed a quick PSA for the March Of Dimes and The Johnson Group.

Me chasing the dolly with Atomic Films.

We shot for a half day at Erlanger North Hospital here in Chattanooga. The shoot was in a busy hallway during the day… there were people constantly needing to go through. Several times there were newborns in carts, which is always a big distraction for me… “Brian loves him some babies,” as my wife likes to say. The PSA was for the Make A Wish Foundation, and star of the PSA actually had cancer as a child, and is completing her degree as a Nurse practitioner. Nine years ago, as a Make A Wish recipient, she wished for an ice cream party and a shopping spree at Toys R Us… but they were both for the other kids on the cancer floor… nothing for herself.

Bobby Stone was the photographer. We shot with their Red One camera mounted on a Super PeeWee dolly. Most of the sound was from Lectrosonics wireless… I used a shotgun for some shots, but the noise from a working hospital meant that most of the useable tracks would come from hidden lav mics. The majority of the spot was voice over, only a few lines were sync sound.


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