On Location with Majora Carter

Yesterday I completed a long day documenting a visit to Chattanooga by Majora Carter for the Benwood Foundation and Mindflow Media. Majora is an activist and environmental justice activist who did phenomenal work in the South Bronx, building the first park to be constructed in that neighborhood in 70 years. We started at about 8:45AM on a bus tour of Chattanooga (which was educational in it’s own right… did you know we have a place in Chattanooga called “residue hill?” Folks are so scared of this site that  disturbing the area is prohibited, since they don’t know what sorts of chemicals have been dumped there. It’s a relic of 70-plus years of manufacturing in Chattanooga.)

Recording audio on a small bus, packed with local dignitaries and careening down residential streets  is a particular challenge. I’m quite sore this morning.

A large luncheon and panel discussion at a local church and afterschool center was next, then a sit-down interview with Ms. Carter back at the Benwood offices. We had a few minutes for some pizza, then it was off to UTC to set up for her evening lecture. (I managed to swing through Starbucks on the way for a quick recharge.) We wrapped up at 9:00PM. A long day, but like all the shoots I’ve done with Dave Porfiri and the Benwood Foundation, it was educational.

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