The AFFT quarterly meeting

The AFFT Quarterly meeting at the Doubletree Hotel in Chattanooga.

The AFFT Quarterly meeting at the Doubletree Hotel in Chattanooga.

The quarterly meeting of the Chattanooga chapter of the Association for the Future of Film and Television as held this past Thursday. I helped a little to organize the event, but Emily Bowman did all the heavy lifting. We had a comparatively large turnout… over a hundred people… including several people who regularly work in LA or NYC in the film industry.  Congressman Zack Wamp addressed the crowd for a few minutes and declared his support of the film incentive tax credits program, which is an important AFFT goal.

I also distributed the first hardcopies of the AFFT Chattanooga directory. I had 42, and we went home with about 5, so the quantity was about right. These were a pain to create, since I had to do most of them at home. The office supply print shops have jacked their prices while no one was looking, so the first pile of these were laser printed and assembled at my office at a cost of zero. But we may need to put out a donation jar at the next meeting to help defer the cost of these, since they cost $1.40 each to produce. But if you’d like a copy right away, I have a PDF version that I can email you, as well as a VCard file that you can import into your address book. (I know it works well with Macs, and it’s supposed to work with Windows as well, but no promises.) My email is hammerguy at bellsouth dot net.

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