At The Brigand Shorts Film Festival

At the Brigand Shorts Film Festival

At the Brigand Shorts Film Festival

I’ve just returned from exhibiting at the Brigand Shorts Film Festival in downtown Chattanooga. While the day was a little dicey due to the weather, overall it was a nice event. Ben Todd and all the folks at Brigand Pictures worked long and hard to pull the event off as a prelude to their film opening for “Thick As Thieves,” which they produced here with no budget whatsoever. I did get a chance to meet and speak with several new folks… Chris Clark, for example. Chris heads the film production program at Bryan College, I’ll be doing a short lecture/seminar there  on audio production this sememster. I also met with Michael Laney, Communications Chair at Lee University. I hope to speak there as well.

Spotty participation by several vendors hurt the festival a little, but overall I think it was very worthwhile for me (and the other participants) to be there.

My table at the Brigand Shorts Film Festival. Having all the gear exposed with dark, foreboding skies (and reports of heavy rain at my house) made me jumpy, but the rain held off until four.

The weather held until four o’clock, when I had to pack up and head home. With all the equipment, I couldn’t take a chance of it getting wet. There were a few drops of rain hitting the windshield as I was leaving, but I managed to get everything safely unloaded without getting wet.

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